Let’s take a trip to the past, shall we? A trip to September 2017 when Real Madrid weren’t just another top team but one which had just completed winning their second of the three-peat. And as every other player, Dani Carvajal was a crucial aspect of the team, the world’s best in his position. But who knew, it was the beginning of the end for the player who once defined his position. 

A heart problem which, along with pain and suffering, instilled a sense of fear in the player. Not an inference but something Dani himself expressed. ”I was scared and I thought that, if it was serious, I would have to retire” Not the words you expect to hear from a top, top player. Fast forward to 2022, 12 more injuries later, Carvajal has lost everything. 

Everything as in what made him the world’s best full-back. Speed, strength, confidence and surprisingly footballing intelligence. Arguably, the worst full-back a club of Real Madrid’s calibre can have. But a question, a rather obvious one, arises — why has Real Madrid not reinforced the position? And sold Hakimi in 2018 despite Dani’s obvious situation?

Why did Real Madrid loan out Odriozola to Fiorentina knowing the only backup to an unreliable right-back was/is an unreliable nay makeshift Lucas Vázquez? So many questions and in none of the answers is Real Madrid in the right. It’s unbelievable how Real Madrid have not filled an exposed role since four years and are not linked to any. 

Carvajal’s Replacement?

And with several opportunities in the market, the pursuit of Mbappe has blinded Real Madrid from all of them. Mazraoui, Pedro and a few are the latest in a long line of right-backs Los Blancos have ignored over the years. Decision totally unjustified and bizzare. At the moment, Odriozola is the preferred option as Perez seems reluctant to spend for these roles. 

While I trust Odriozola to succeed at Real Madrid, I won’t deny that it would be better to have someone else, someone already established at a top club or someone who wouldn’t be a risk. Agonizing is the fact that Real’s transfer policy is pathetic and that how the upper management has casually ignored the issues in the squad. Real Madrid are in a serious NEED of a right-back…

Article by Madridistic