In May 2022, following the lockdown, a 5 substitutions rule was introduced. This was to create ease for footballers amid a congested football fixture.

Ever since there has been a lot of debate on whether this rule should be made permanent or not. While bigger clubs, comprising of more squad depth are obviously in favor of the rule. Mid table and lower ranked teams have argued that the said rule puts them at an unfair disadvantage. While it is true that the rule allows more squad rotation and hence less injuries, and also makes the sport more entertaining for the audience, a decision is yet to be made.

After the introduction of the rule in 2020, Premier League were the only league to revert back to 3 substitutions for the 2021/22 season .The the league clubs have voted against the rule more than once. However there are rumors that it could still be reintroduced and made permanent.

Top flight managers, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp, have both backed the use of 5 substitutions stating that the rule had led to lesser injury problems amongst their squad. As it stands there seems to be an increasing number of premier league managers in support of the mentioned rule.

In October International Football Association Board (Ifab) suggested to make permanent the use of 5 substitutions. The issue is thought to be a major area of discussion in this year’s annual stakeholders meeting of all 20 premier league clubs. According to multiple reports there will be a third vote regarding the rule. This time it is expected to be accepted the premier league clubs.