1. Carlo Ancelotti Isn’t The Long Term Solution.

Carlo Ancelotti among the candidates to be Manchester United manager |  Sport | The Times
Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian coach is one of the most experienced coaches in Europe. This season he has performed very well with a squad that had very less expectations in the pre-season.

Carlo Ancelotti tends to use a specific set of players in the starting 11 more often, making very less squad rotation. Young Talents like Valverde, Camavinga are used very less and on the other side the preferred players are exhausted and get injured Toni kroos and Ferland Mendy are perfect examples.

Real Madrid lacks a signature playing style this season the way they were dominated by PSG was something very unlikely for Madrid, they were very lucky that they managed to win the tie. However versus Barcelona, they were exposed and it showed that the team doesn’t primarily depend on tactics but individual performances.

Ancelotti needs to be replaced he cannot lead the project if he is stubborn with his preferred starting lineup. He does not give other players chances and lacks a proper style of play.